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We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming Arizona GFOA conferences, and in the Pacific Northwest.

Welcome to Phoenix

Robin Schlimgen  |  Managing Director

Welcome to the Phoenix office, located in the heart of the “Valley of the Sun.” We are pleased to offer our clients throughout Arizona and the Pacific Northwest comprehensive services in arbitrage rebate and much more.

As an issuer of tax exempt bonds, did you know you are required to comply with certain IRS post-issuance requirements in order to maintain tax exempt status on your bonds?

Whether you are currently in compliance, too busy to know, or unsure what is required, BLX can help. We are one of the largest providers of post-issuance compliance services in the USA. Take the first step in determining your compliance status. Call me at 480 539 4084 or email

Here is how you can contact any of the BLX Phoenix/Pacific Northwest team:

Robin Schlimgen
480 539 4084

Laura Gausden
480 539 0927

Richard Wright
408 444 7543

Cheryl Foust
480 539 0912

1910 South Stapley Drive
Suite 115
Mesa, Arizona 85204

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