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Healthcare ESG Webinar (COMPLETED 12/6/2022)

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The Role of Finance in Healthcare ESG: Emission Reduction, Community Health Improvement & Impact Measurement

Join Orrick, BLX, and Healthcare Climate ActionWorks for this webinar on achieving decarbonization and navigating the evolving ESG landscape in the healthcare sector.

Who Should Attend? If you are a facilities or finance administration officer and your organization has joined or is contemplating joining the Department of Health and Human Services (“HSS”) Health Sector Climate Pledge, you should attend. In addition, if your organization has or is looking to decarbonize, then you should attend.



Time: 10 am PT, 1 pm ET
Duration: 2 hours


1pm – 2pm ET

Emissions Reductions: How Health Systems Lower Costs, Increase Access to Capital, and Improve Recruitment and Retention of Staff

Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks

Hayden Goudy, Director ESG / Corporate Governance – Orrick

The business climate for health systems is ominous as cash on hand is declining and workforce compensation demands are rising. Concurrently, over 100 health care organizations have signed the HHS Climate Pledge to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030 amidst a changing regulatory landscape. Here we look at how emissions reduction efforts can be implemented in a way that lowers operational costs, decreases borrowing costs, and improves recruitment and retention.


2pm – 3pm ET

Eliminating Emissions from Electricity Usage: Power Purchase Agreements

Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks

Giji John, Partner (Energy & Infrastructure/ESG) – Orrick

A critical element of health system emissions is the emissions from their electricity usage. The optimal tool for eliminating those emissions are forms of Power Purchase Agreements which give health systems credit for putting renewable energy onto the grid, thus eliminating the health systems emissions from electricity usage. Neal and Giji walk through the legal, financial, and operational issues of the PPA.

Panel Discussion: Experience with Renewable Electricity

Robyn Helmlinger, Partner (Public Finance/Healthcare) – Orrick

Ramé Hemstreet, VP Operations and Chief Sustainable Resources Officer – Kaiser Permanente

Craig Stepien, Executive Director – NextEra

Moderator: Neal Hogan, Founder & Chairman – Healthcare Climate ActionWorks

Kaiser Permanente is the healthcare industry leader in emissions reduction. Here we learn how they decreased the energy intensity of their buildings, and generated electricity via PPAs. NextEra is the largest, and greenest utility in the US. Over 50% of their business is in the development of power for industries looking to shift to renewable power, and a critical part of that is the PPA and the VPPA


For additional information about the meeting or to request an invitation, please contact: Cynthia Sixtos at or (213) 612-2207.


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