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The BLX Institute is curated educational content supporting post-issuance compliance in the municipal and non-profit sectors. This public resource covers the fundamentals of post-issuance compliance.

Arbitrage Rebate Compliance

Post-Issuance / Private Use Compliance

Continuing Disclosure

Compliance Timeline – Tax-Exempt New Money Issue

Tax-exempt bonds have numerous filing requirements and deadlines issuers and borrowers must comply with over the life of the bonds. The below timeline highlights compliance milestones related to arbitrage rebate compliance, private business use, and Schedule K filings (for nonprofit organizations).

BLX onCompliance
A monthly video series from BLX on compliance topics relevant to public finance and tax-exempt bonds.

BLX Tax Alerts
A historical index of timely alerts based on relevant current events in public finance.

BLX is committed to continuing education and hosts webinars, on-site training, and workshops. For more information, please contact Cynthia Sixtos at or 213.612.2207.

BLXonCOMPLIANCE – Latest Video

Sponsored Basic Research – Where to Begin (Aviva Roth, Orrick) - NEW! - 05/21/2024

Sponsored basic research occurring in tax-exempt bond financed facilities is one of the most common places where private business use is likely to be generated. Navigating compliance can be difficult due to the nature of the IRS regulations and the potential volume of agreements. Listen today for tips to help manage the basic research process when there is a nexus to tax-exempt bonds. (May 21, 2024)

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