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BLX Group offers tax-exempt issuers and borrowers personalized service and proven solutions. Our experience in successfully managing some of the toughest, most complex arbitrage compliance projects in the business has helped us build a trusted reputation among the nation’s largest and most demanding issuers since 1989. At the same time, BLX has earned the confidence of even the smallest issuers. Our regional expertise, coupled with our national resources, allows our fully staffed offices to deliver local service across the country.

With over three decades of arbitrage consulting experience, BLX continually educates our team and works to improve our processes, knowing that both elements are necessary for us to retain our position as industry leader in size, scope, and expertise. This equates to a knowledgeable and efficient staff to serve you.


BLX professionals apply their extensive experience by consulting with issuers and borrowers to evaluate, structure, and implement debt and investment strategies for tax-exempt transactions across the full range of issue types and complexities. Our clients are assured that we consider all prudent strategies to optimize the economics of their transactions as evidenced by our leading market position and our leadership in designing new products and services. We closely coordinate our services with the national leading public finance practice of Orrick.


BLX professionals pride themselves on their prompt response to client and IRS requests for clarification or additional supporting documentation. In addition, BLX analysts strive to identify the approach that produces the best result for each situation and implement individualized valuation and allocation strategies. Understanding that every bond issue is unique, our flexible approach allows BLX professionals to adapt to the differences and account for all investment types, cash-flow characteristics, and bond structures. This approach not only meets IRS requirements for compliance purposes, it also makes our analyses and timely reporting invaluable when making investment decisions and documenting post issuance compliance.


An institution can end up spending a great deal more than the amount saved on service fees by incurring other internal and external costs as a result of an error or oversight by a less experienced provider. We believe our services represent tremendous value; our expert resources dedicate the time required to deliver the work quality you are seeking and deserve. Taking an issue-by-issue approach, our services are designed to take advantage of regulatory applications, allocations, and exceptions, and thereby minimize rebate and yield reduction payments.

We offer complimentary access to the BLX PORTAL, a secure service that allows users to access detailed information about their rebate engagements. Our Client Login page provides up-to-date access to information from BLX’s arbitrage tracking database and enables clients to view select rebate reports.

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