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We look forward to seeing you at upcoming conferences and webinars in the New York and New Jersey area!

Welcome to New York

Alan Bond  |  Managing Director

Welcome to New York, the heart of commerce, trade, finance, and imagination. And right in the heart of New York City you’ll find our office, putting us in close proximity to service our clients in Manhattan, all of New York state, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

From Manhattan to Rochester, Newark to Hartford, Philadelphia to Albany, we offer our clients a full range of consulting services. We are active in many regional trade shows and will be offering webinars throughout the year on Post Issuance Compliance.

Whether your needs include post-issuance compliance, swap financial advisory services, arbitrage rebate compliance, investing bond proceeds or continuing disclosure, we can help you with comprehensive services that offer both solutions and results.

To learn more about upcoming Conferences and BLX Webinars or for more information, here is how you can contact any of the BLX New York team:

Alan Bond
212 506 5275

Amy Kron
201 963 6663

Caleb Lansky
212 506 5262

51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

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