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Caleb Lansky

Managing Director
New York

Mr. Lansky is a Managing Director in the New York office.  He joined BLX as a consultant in 2007, specializing in the preparation of complex arbitrage rebate analyses and providing tailored debt advisory services and calculations to state and local governments and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Currently, Mr. Lansky co-manages BLX’s Post-Issuance Compliance practice group and is primarily responsible for production oversight and advisory.  He is the relationship manager for many of BLX’s largest clients throughout the country, including Georgetown University, Northeastern University, and Pacific Retirement Services. Responsible for developing the quantitative models used by the Post-Issuance Compliance group, Mr. Lansky has extensive experience analyzing a diverse range of private business use scenarios, and in the application of IRS Tax Regulations for private business use calculations and related analyses concerning tax-exempt bonds for both non-profit and governmental clients.

Mr. Lansky has a BA from Syracuse University, and an MS from New York University.

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