Team BLX

Caleb Lansky

Managing Director
New York

Mr. Lansky joined BLX in January 2007 and serves as a Managing Director in the New York office. He began his BLX career specializing in the preparation of complex arbitrage rebate analyses and providing tailored debt advisory services and calculations to state and local governments and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Currently, Mr. Lansky is responsible for co-managing BLX’s Post-Issuance Compliance practice group. He also serves as project manager for BLX’s largest post-issuance compliance clients, including the Art Institute of Chicago, California Institute of Technology, and Pacific Retirement Services. He has played a key role in constructing the analytical and quantitative models used by the Post-Issuance Compliance group and led the development of BLX SKAN, a web-based service from BLX designed to assist nonprofit organizations in navigating the complexities of the new Schedule K of IRS Form 990.

Mr. Lansky holds a BA from Syracuse University and an MS from New York University.

Caleb Lansky can be reached at: