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Welcome to Los Angeles

Glenn Casterline  |  Managing Director

Welcome to the Los Angeles office, headquarters for BLX. We are pleased to be working with and consulting for many municipalities, counties, schools, special districts, and not-for-profit agencies throughout Southern California.

We have led the way in Southern California by offering clients a wide spectrum of consulting and investment advisory services. Whether your needs might be independent debt advisory, arbitrage rebate compliance, structured product bidding, post-issuance compliance, or interest rate swap monitoring, we can help you by providing both solutions and results.

For assistance, please contact any of the BLX Los Angeles team:

Craig Underwood
213 612 2463

Glenn Casterline
213 612 2229

Eric Chu
213 612 2136

Jeff Higgins
213 612 2209

Michael Kim
213 612 2212

Nancy Kummer
213 612 2215

Vo Nguyen
213 612 2152

Cynthia Sixtos
213 612 2207

777 South Figueroa Street
Suite 3200
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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