Team BLX

Vo Nguyen

Managing Director
Los Angeles

Vo Nguyen joined BLX in 2007, and is currently a Managing Director in the Los Angeles office. Mr. Nguyen is engaged in the review of arbitrage rebate analysis, and is the lead consultant for the Denver International Airport, Clark County, Snohomish Public Utility District, and the City of Pasadena. His responsibilities include performing arbitrage rebate analysis, advising and training junior consultants along with his client relationship duties.

Mr. Nguyen is also the Program Administrator for the California Statewide Community Infrastructure Program. The California Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (“SCIP”) is a program of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority. It is a joint powers authority sponsored by the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties.

Mr. Nguyen is a graduate of University of California Riverside with a BS in Business Administration.

Vo Nguyen can be reached at: