BLXBID conducts on-line auctions for structured products, such as guaranteed investment contracts, forward delivery agreements, repurchase agreements, treasury and agency securities and escrow portfolios. BLXBID utilizes a sealed-bid auction format in which (1) each bid that is submitted is electronically “sealed” and known only to the bidder until (2) the auction time has ended. Bids for the structured product are then (3) automatically tabulated and presented to our clients for evaluation.


  • Clients have the convenience of an on-line host for structured product bidding
  • Providers submit a sealed bid via secured login IDs
  • Clients may view live auctions in progress
  • Both providers and clients have permanent online access to their deal records ensuring more efficient recordkeeping and compliance

For more information regarding BLXBID, please contact:

Eric ChuManaging Director
213 612 2136

Amy KronSenior Investment Officer
201 963 6663

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