Jessica Doherty

Associate Director – Dallas

Since 2015, Jessica has primarily assisted the Post-issuance Compliance Services Group in New York.  Her responsibilities for that group range from the preparation of Schedule K Forms (i.e., attachments to Form 990) for nonprofit clients to the measurement of private use for both 501(c)(3) organizations and municipalities to ensure compliance with the full range of their post-issuance requirements.  Jessica services many of the Post-Issuance Compliance Group’s higher ed clients, including the University of Vermont, Carnegie Mellon University, Cal Tech, and the University of Dayton.

Prior to 2015, her responsibilities primarily included preparing arbitrage rebate, yield restriction, and acquired purpose investment analyses.  Jessica prepared more than 2,200 arbitrage calculations for various issuers.  Many of the bond issues she worked on required complex analytical work such as variable rate yield calculations, interest rate swaps, parity/pooled reserve fund allocations, debt service fund analyses, interest earnings analyses, and the uncommingling of multiple funds.

Ms. Doherty is a graduate of Baylor University where she received a BBA in Finance & Management.

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