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Swap Advisory

Swap advisory engagements can be wide ranging in terms of scope, depending on the type of transaction, client experience, and other circumstances. For example, a client who is undertaking their first swap may need assistance with policies and board presentations, while more experienced clients may only need pricing verification and accounting assistance. Other clients may need to replace a counterparty for an existing swap or terminate a swap, which may simply require verification of fair market value, or may necessitate developing sophisticated strategies and undertaking extensive negotiations with the counterparty.

Because every situation is different, BLX tailors each of our engagements to the specific facts, circumstances, and needs of the client. Our objectives, however, always remain the same- add value for our clients through education, better transaction execution, increased transparency, and improved risk management.

Our advisory services include:

  • Swap structuring and documentation
  • Detailed Evaluation of the Pros and Cons of Proposed Transactions
  • Swap policy development
  • Pricing through negotiation or competitive bid process
  • Fair market opinions/certifications

For more information about our swap advisory, monitoring, or compliance services, please contact:

Eric Chu
213 612 2136

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